Love china

Love china

Wednesday, January 27, 2016



I got news today that I can FINALLY start moving forward with this adoption process!!

Just in time for Chinese New Year Celebrations to begin next week ... it's time to party (and begin mountains of paperwork) ... but I say, LET'S DO THIS!!!! 

I got that email today from the adoption agency (was completely unexpected since the person I have been working with doesn't typically work on Tuesdays) ... and I couldn't believe what I was reading!!  HOORAY!!!! 

On top of all of that excitement ... We also have a Date, Time and Location for the first activity fundraiser!! EVERYONE should get excited about this one!!! Here are the details .....

Chinese New Year Dinner & Trivia Night!!
Saturday, February 6, 2016
Lin's Garden
2101 SW Walton Blvd
Bentonville, AR 72712
Trivia Tickets are $10 per trivia player or $18 per couple.

Rules of Trivia:
10 people MAX per team

I will be pre-selling tickets in order to get a head-count. Lin's Garden has both a buffet and a menu in which you can order from (cost of food is not covered by cost of trivia ticket). 

If you would like to get a/some ticket(s) please comment at the bottom or e-mail me at

I can't wait to have a fantastic, fun night full of fellowship and TRIVIA!!! (no, I couldn't think of any more words that began with the letter 'f' that would fit in my sentence)

On a more "informative" note, I thought I would take the time to give you some information on the little one that we are work towards bring home to NW Arkansas.  :) 
For those who do not know, this little guy has been through a lot in his short lifetime... He was abandoned at 4 months old, left at a hospital due to his medical conditions. He has severe hydrocephalus (increased fluid in his skull). The orphanage that he was taken to after he was abandoned was unable to care for his needs, so a specialized foster facility was contacted who specializes in getting funding for surgeries that are desperately needed for orphans. God heard this dear child's cries and this amazing foster home had the room, and funds, to take him in. He spent the first good bit of his time in the hospital - first having a shunt placed (a device that moves excess fluid from his head down to his abdomen to be re-absorbed into his body), then back into the hospital due to a nasty infection at the surgery site that resulted in his shunt be removed. This dear child then endured yet another infection after the removal surgery in which he had to wait for all infection to be clear before he could go back to the hospital, yet again, for a 3rd brain surgery to have another shunt placed. THANK YOU GOD, this one did NOT result in infection and has not had any malfunctions to date!!! 

As if this blessed child has not been through enough ... since he did not get the shunt in when he was younger, the sutures in his skull fused when he had a lot of fluid inside it. This just means that his head is VERY large (larger than typical adults), and his little 2 year old body is not able to hold up his massive head. Since he cannot hold up his head, he also is unable to sit, stand, walk, run or jump - things that most 2/3 year olds do on a daily basis.  I have been in correspondence with a craniofacial surgeon out of Dallas who has a strong feeling that this sweet boy would be eligible for a surgery that would be able to reshape his very flattened head as well as decrease the overall size and weight of his skull. This would mean that he would be able to start holding his head up independently - hopefully leading to sitting, standing, walking, etc. Can you even imagine?! This amazing child, who I had to request a file to be made for because his orphanage had deemed him "un-adoptable" in a few years, walking, running, talking, jumping ... showing off God's glory!!  Oh I can't wait for that day!!! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Awesome New Jewelry Options

I got new jewelry options in today from ApParent Project!! Super cool Cereal Box bracelets, necklaces and earrings - as well as steel barrel necklaces! They are super awesome!!

As I posted before, ApParent Project is a group of Artisans in Haiti who train men and women to make these awesome pieces of art. Half of the money made from this fundraiser goes back to these families in Haiti to help these families keep their kiddos out of orphanages - it really is a win-win!!

I pray that everyone is staying safe and warm! Please comment on this post OR choose one of the following options to place your order:

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying

Yes, I have the Wishin' and Hopin' song by Dusty Springfield on my mind ... 

I have not heard a peep from CCCWA ... so I'm probably in a stack of papers sitting on someone's desk ... 

I think the hardest part of this entire process is not the fundraising, not the "unknowns" of what your child with high medical needs has already endured or will have to endure when he gets home, not even the paperwork/running around to get everything filled out and filed in a timely manner ... but the waiting ... the waiting is the hardest thing. It is in these times that I have to remind myself that it is all part of God's plan and his timing is perfect. 

I am in multiple groups that include multiple families that have or are in the process of adopting from China. They are full of knowledge and advice! 

Anywho, as I have been sitting here, waiting ... I have made a list of things to pack for Sunshine when I go pick him up ... Yes, I know that is a LONG way down the road ... but since I have the time, I might as well be doing something!! I mean, we are going to be confined to the airplane for 14 hours for the long trip back to NWA ...   yea ...  I have also made decisions on bedroom decor (Dr. Seuss!!). 

I still have bracelets left, if you are interested in them, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me ( 

Just a reminder about the bracelets, they are made in Haiti by a group of artisans named ApParent Project. I will also have Necklaces ($14) and Earrings ($8) starting next week.

Again, if you are interested, please leave a comment or email me at

I hope you guys have a fantastic week! Hopefully I will have a more "meaty" update soon! 

- My good friend Matthew Bretherick is AMAZING and not only is he donating 10% of his sales from this month, but he is also going to be selling some of these at The Faded Farmhouse. I will be shipping some his way on Monday and hopefully (Weather pending since ya'll seem to be getting a good amount of snow in Nashville) they will be there some time this week. 

Prayer Requests:
- That Sunshine continues to thrive in his Foster facility - always knowing he is worthy, special and loved. 
- That CCCWA will come through with the waivers needed
- That we will finally settle on a place to have the upcoming fundraiser and that all will be prosperous to bring my little guy home 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Let the FUNdraising Begin!!

The First of MANY fundraisers has FINALLY started to help bring my precious little one home from China!!! 

I have teamed up with ApParent ( to get their amazing bracelets!

ApParent is an amazing non-profit humanitarian artisan's guild in Haiti that seeks to prevent child-abandonment and relinquishment by creating jobs for parents at risk. 50% of the sale of these bracelets goes back to Haiti to help support these families, preventing the formation of even more orphans and keeping families together. 

These awesome bracelets will be sold for $10 each! 
I can ship them out anywhere in the US for:
 $3 for 1-2
 $4 for 3-4
 $5 for 4-5

Payment can be made by cash, check or PayPal.

If you would like for me to ship 1 (or MORE!!) to you, please email me at with your address.  

So, I'm sure you are all wanting to know what is currently going on with the adoption ... in a single word, nothing. I am still in a holding pattern, waiting for the China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) to decide if they are going to grant me 2 waivers. If they decide they will NOT grant those 2 waivers, then this adoption is completely dead in the water (and will be completely devastating). If they DO decide to grant the 2 waivers needed, I can finally move forward with the application process and then onto the home study. 

The home study is arguably the process that takes the longest ... a social worker comes into your home, assessing if it is safe for a child, many many many many hours interviewing you and others to ensure you will be a fit parent and then it may take several months to write up their report. 

The biggest part of this entire process is the waiting ... waiting for everyone else, waiting for appointments, waiting for decisions ... waiting. God is definitely making me learn increased patience!

The other big "issue" that I am having at the moment is that I cannot seem to be able to find a place to have our first big "event" fundraiser. I really want to have a Chinese New Year Dinner & Trivia Night on Saturday, February 6th ... but I cannot seem to find a location that will allow us to host this event that we can use the facility free of charge. If YOU happen to know a location, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me (  I would love any and all suggestions!! 

- Sunshine has had multiple pictures posted on the foster facility facebook page lately and seems to be doing well! 
- I have obtained 2 neck braces to help him with head support and have contacted the foster facility director - hopefully I will find out soon which one they think will be best so I can ship it his way to help him out! 

Prayer requests:
- That Sunshine continues to know that he is loved - by both those around him and by me, his Mom that he does not yet know
- That a "yes" decision will be swiftly granted by CCCWA 
- That a location for the first event fundraiser will be found
- That all fundraisers will be profitable 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Calling All Supporters

This is the beginning of the fundraisers!!

I have started 2 fundraisers, both involving bracelets (I promise it is a coincidence!!).

The first one is with an amazing group called The ApParent Project.

This amazing non-profit group takes in families in Haiti and teaches the adults how to be Artisans, making beads and various jewelry pieces to help support their families to avoid having to place their children in the local orphanages.
I will be getting bracelets similar to these:
The coolest thing about these awesome bracelets is that ApParent wholeheartedly supports utilizing their product as fundraisers. SO - I have decided that my first fundraiser with be a philanthropic pursuit!! I should have these bracelets in hand sometime next week and will be selling them for $10 a piece and can ship them for a $3 flat fee anywhere you may need them (internationally may be more - will have to check into that). 

The second fundraiser that is just beginning is in partnering with Bravelets are bracelets that typically support various health organizations by choosing the color that represents each disorder. They offer the ability to run a fundraiser where you can get each style of bracelet that they offer in each color available. If you are looking for the color of a specific disorder, look it up on their normal website ( and then you can pick the same style and color on the adoption fundraiser page.
If you have any questions about this one, please don't hesitate to contact me on facebook ( or email (

And, as always, the pure charity site is up and running - and will be throughout the adoption. The best part of utilizing Pure Charity, as opposed to gofundme, is that donors are able to get tax-deduction paperwork for donating! The other awesome thing about Pure Charity is that all the money collected goes straight to my adoption agency for fees, it never comes to me. That helps ease fears of anyone that is worried that money may be utilized for something other than the adoption. SO, if just donating is something that you can do, or are interested in ... here is the link to the adoption Pure Charity site. :)

Prayer Request:
- That paperwork would start moving forward
- That my Sweet Sunshine continues to gain strength, knows he is Loved and is Protected from evil.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

HOPE Grows Here!!!

I don't even know how to start this post or how to put into words how I feel right now!!!

2 AMAZING people have decided to donate 10% of their January profits to help bring my sweet baby home to NW Arkansas!!!  YOU can help! Just check out
They have super cute jewelry, decor and gifts - there is something for everyone! While you're looking around, check out George Woodworks on Facebook ... some super cute signs, maps and all kinds of decorum!

For those of  you who are local to NWA, the Chinese New Year Dinner and Trivia Night is starting to come together! So, mark your calendars, because here are the tentative plans!!
Saturday February 6th at Lin's Garden in Bentonville.

I also have plans for the following fundraisers:
April 23: Rummage Sale - If you have any items you are ready to part with after Spring Cleaning, please consider donating them to help raise money! :)
May 21: Painting for a Cause - "Painting with a Twist" with Nichole Hamm - Guaranteed to be be a good time!!
July 9: Family Cookout and Water balloon Fight - Our cookout will include a drive-through for those who would like to get their food to-go.

After speaking to several people in the adoption world, I have decided that the GoFundMe page is not the right way to go. SO, I have set up a page with a platform called This will allow people to donate and get a tax write-off. SO, if you feel led to do so, please share my pure charity account with others.

TREMENDOUS Praise to the 2 AMAZING people selflessly giving 10% of their January profits to my fundraising efforts .... I will never be able to thank-you enough!!!

- That the waiver that I need from the Chinese Gov't will be willingly granted to allow this adoption to move forward.
- That paper work will easily be filled out and things will move forward smoothly.
- That Sunshine continues to thrive, be happy, feel protected & safe as well as continue growing & developing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

So the Journey Begins

This week has been the "beginning" of the LONG journey to Bringing Home Sunshine.

So, I completely forgot that a friend who went through the same Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency program works with Gladney SuperKids until she sent me a message on Facebook this week. For those who don't know, Gladney is an international adoption agency. How amazing is it that I happen to know someone who works for an international agency?!!?

Anywho, she was able to get in contact with the director over their Chinese program who was able to get a lot more information about Sunshine's "home" orphanage and luckily they have a partnership with the province in which his orphanage is in ... these is all very good things!! I was able to fill out their initial paperwork and it has started on its way. There will be MANY more sheets of paper to come!!

I have begun doing research on possible surgical procedures to help Sunshine once in the States and a neurosurgeon in Texas responded to an email I had sent! That is so amazing to me that a doctor at the top of his field would take the time to respond to emails, but he did and now I know that there is HOPE for Amazing gains!!!

All the details for the Chinese New Year Dinner/Trivia Night are still coming together, but will be shared soon!! :) 

Please, please share this blog to as many people as you can. You never know, this journey may inspire someone else to adopt internationally! 

Prayer Request:
- That the initial application goes through smoothly and the next group of paperwork could be gathered quickly. 
- That Sunshine is happy, healthy, and protected at all times. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

So Thankful

This weekend was more full of fellowship with friends than any weekend I have had in a very long time! For this I am very grateful!

Since Friday was New Years, I was off and spent the day with a close friend going to Dillards, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. I can't say that I got many things (although there were many good deals on many things), but my friend found many things for her kiddos ... maybe next year I will be able to get some things for Sunshine. It really was a great day spent with an amazing friend!

Saturday I went to go pick up the crib that was donated to me. The couple who so generously gave it to me could not have been nicer! I will admit, though, I thought I was driving out into the middle of nowhere to get to their house! :) But I am so blessed to have met them, they truly were some of God's people!!

After getting the crib, I went over to my dear former neighbor's house where we began planning for fundraisers for the coming year. As of now, the first fundraiser to bring Sunshine to the States will be Saturday, February 6th. The location is TBD, but it will be a Chinese New Year Dinner and Trivia Night!! I would LOVE for everyone to come out and have fun! I will be sure to update with the exact time and location as soon as I know!!

After meeting with my loving neighbor, I made a drive out to Silome Springs to spend some much needed time with a dear family of a sweet, loving little who I used to treat and sadly passed into Heaven almost a year ago. I was able to eat dinner with them, laugh with them and feel their loving support with this entire adoption process. What is absolutely amazing is that they are related to Julie Gumm, the author of You Can Adopt Without Debt. She was so amazing gracious and gave me a copy of her book, which I am so incredibly grateful!

Today I went to a new church, First Baptist Centerton ... and it was amazing!! I absolutely loved it!! The people there were so warm and inviting and I really cannot wait to dive into everything head first!  Finally finding a home church is one of my big New Year's Resolutions and God has planted the seed of this church being the one when I went for the candlelight service before Christmas. I honestly cannot wait to see how God works in my life this year.

Also, today I spoke to a sweet coworker who is very knowledgeable in the China adoption world. She is in the process speaking to her contact in China who will be able to help me through this process and hopefully get me more information on Sunshine. She has been attempting to make contact for the past 2 weeks, but due to the holidays it has been difficult. Hopefully contact will be made soon.

Something I COMPLETELY forgot to mention in the last post - I had my FIRST donation to the Bring Sunshine to the States fund right before Christmas. A sweet couple who also has an internationally adopted child .. they definitely understand the struggle and I am so incredibly thankful for having this supportive community!!

Prayer Requests:
- That my co-worker will be able to reach her contact in China.
- That I will be able to meet so many new people in this new church.
- That Sunshine is happy and healthy, always smiling!

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