Love china

Love china

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Only God

SO - I have been in the process of getting multiple letters written by multiple people and updating all my financial information with the adoption agency. I have to provide proof of income, evidence of who will take custody of Sunshine if I were to pass away and estimated net worth.  All of this has to go to various state secretary of states to be authenticated prior to going to the US Secretary of State and the China Embassy.
(No this is not my paperwork, thankfully I only needed 1 thing authenticated)

I sent a document to the Idaho Secretary of State last Monday afternoon, I paid for 3 day shipping to get there and then 2 day shipping to return to me. I knew that I would be getting this document this week (as opposed to last week). So, I watched the tracking to ensure it made it to its destination. It got to Idaho in 2 days and sat at the sorting center for an entire day (because I paid for 3 day shipping instead of 2). It finally made it to the Idaho Secretary of State this past Thursday. Seeing as how it was already Thursday, I'm thinking that I am going to get it returned by the middle of this week, so I didn't even think about checking the return tracking. On Friday, I went out my front door to get something and I had a FedEx envelope sitting by my door. I was floored!! In less than 24 hours, the document had been authenticated, sent back to Fed Ex and returned to me!! This is impossible ... even the envelope said on it "Monday Delivery 10:30" .... so HOW did it get back to me over night?! The amazing part about this is that if I hadn't send my documents to my adoption agency by Friday, I would have had more difficulty getting it to the next step. ONLY GOD could have made this happen.

There are so many things that God's hands have been on throughout this process. From his name, given to him by the foster facility, and how it directly coincided with a sweet little girl I had been treating who went to the Father's arms. A secret fundraiser that raised the amount needed at that time to pay adoption fees. Receiving 2 grants right before another round of fees was due ... equaling the exact amount (minus $250) needed for that round of fees. To this - getting paperwork back quicker than possible. He has kept Sunshine safe, healthy and happy and allowed me to travel to China to not only help with other adoptions, but meet amazing people along the way.

Is it frustrating that I am having to do all of this extra paperwork to prove that I am a worthy parent, of course. However, with all of these pieces that God has already proved Himself (not that he needed to) ... I know that there must be a reason for it all and it gives me comfort and patience.

SO, what kind of travel time are we looking at now?
Well, unfortunately, this is still a very difficult question to answer. December is out of the question, January is slipping by and February is looming. China takes a week off at the end of January for Chinese New Year - no government workers means nothing moves forward.  At this point, I am really thinking mid-February .... but there are still several more stops for my paperwork to make - any one of which could cause another set-back.

It's worth it in the end. Adoptive parents who have already gone through this process (once, twice, 3-4-5x) will frequently remind those of us who are in the "paperwork trenches" of this. I'm sure that this will be the case when I am out of the other side of this - but man, the waiting is TOUGH!!

On a separate, and amazing note, I only have $2500 left to raise to be fully funded!!! This is so incredibly amazing and I am in disbelief! If you would like to get in on helping bring this sweet baby home, please donate to Lifesong (Worthy of Much Love | mySTORY) to have your donation doubled!! $2500 more and I will be ecstatic and so ready to bring Sunshine home!!!!!

Another way to help support is to check out the items they have at Noonday. Some very special people are having a Noonday party and 15% of the profits will be sent to Lifesong to be doubled. If you are looking for some very neat Christmas gifts or hostess gift for all the holiday parties coming up, please consider purchasing items that help bring Sunshine home!! Just go to: to check it out!!

 That grants have come in and I am SO CLOSE to being fully funded!!

 - That my paperwork begins to move quickly and is granted full favor.
 - That I will be able to finish raising the $2500 needed to be fully funded
 - That Sunshine will be healthy and happy the rest of his time in China.

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