Love china

Love china

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In the Fastlane

Our first day of work included seeing 27 kiddos from an orphanage at the official government building. This is the office where I will go to finalize Ari'a adoption.

We hit the ground running - seeing 17 kids before breaking for lunch. It was all VERY hectic, but we made the best of our space and resources.

Most of these kiddos were ambulatory and able to get around fairly well. Various diagnoses, but they were happy to play with us all!

We ate lunch at a buffet - various meets, rice , noodles and sushi. For dinner we went to a  traditional family style Chinese restaurant.  If you have never seen this, it is typically a large round table with a huge lazy Susan on it - sharing all of the platters. And, as is Chinese culture, way too much food was ordered. We all came back to the hotel and some went to walk around and check out the scenery. I ended up going straight to bed as it was already past 8:00 pm and jet lag had caught up! I slept from 8:30 pm to 5 am ... it was much needed!!

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